It’s not often I get invited out to the bush to shoot a wedding. I wish it happened more often. I stayed out in the local pub and spent the day before the wedding looking for locations and getting a feel for the area. For me, that’s always part of the adventure, and part of the process. Angie’s mum helped me by driving me around in her 4WD, showing me the places that Angie and her family felt was special, all the while keeping in touch with the family via CB as they kept up with some of the farm work and of course finished the final prep for the wedding. I’ve heard it said before that weddings are not just about the meeting and marriage of two people, but of the joining of families, and I noticed this more than ever: the two clans, Moar and McClymont, have long histories in the valley, and even longer histories entwined long before that, in bonnie Scotland.

To be invited to photograph these two, and that history, was a pleasure, for which I’m thankful.

Congratulations 🙂