I grew up on a farm, and I always appreciate going back to the country, especially to take wedding photos. I say it often enough, but I can never quite believe my luck that I’m invited to these places to do what I do.

Sometimes I shoot weddings at pretend country venues, with hay-bales hired from stylists and cow-sheds built with distressed timber, and all the extras rung-in and ordered up and manufactured – all perfectly nice and lovely for what it is, but at the end of the day, a tiny – tiny –  little bit contrived.

But this country wedding was the real deal. A bona-fide, genuine, fair-dinkum, country shin-dig. On a real, authentic, working farm, in a proper working community of people (most of whom, it seemed to me, were at the wedding).

I always learn a few things when I go to new places, and this time I learnt that I didn’t really grow up on a farm at all. We had thirty cattle and a few chickens – these guys had land that unrolled to the horizon. And it was beautiful. All of it.

And the couple were what you would expect to find in such a place – genuine, warm, friendly, and capable – the whole thing had been undertaken by them and their families.

They were high-school sweethearts, Emily a country boarder in Sydney, Chris a city-boy. They met and fell in love and were married. And the setting was always going to be Emily’s farm. I could tell every time I spoke to her that it was close to her heart, and growing very quickly in her husband’s affections as well.

I won’t go on. Below are the photos from their day (with a few extras from the day after). It was a beautiful affair, a back-tie ceremony at the local church, followed by a 200-guest reception in The Big Shed. The weather was wild in the days leading up to the wedding, but it cleared on the morning of the big day. Everything went off without a hitch.

Enjoy 🙂

Josephine Sicad-Minerva : 12:13 October 19, 2016 Reply
out.of.words...but good Lord! this is like straight out from a classic favorite lifetime movie or something...i hope i get to shoot a wedding like this too in this lifetime :) very inspiring work always from you Van..found you thru Lina! :)
    van : 14:05 October 19, 2016 Reply
    Thank you Josephine! I was lucky for sure - I wish all my weddings were so easy to shoot! Beautiful location, beautiful couple, overcast weather...:) :)
Kevin Nguyen : 22:21 October 19, 2016 Reply
Awesome work as usual Van!!!
Warren & Carmen : 11:18 November 20, 2016 Reply
We had the most powerful storm last night here in Devon,UK. This morning the sun has come out bursting through the lingering rain clouds. Sat at breakfast looking at this beautifully told story with music that fits it perfectly it's set us both up for the rest of the day feeling relaxed, inspired and ready to get out there. Awesome as always Van.
    van : 11:21 November 20, 2016 Reply
    Thanks so much guys! So nice to hear...you've also just given me a boost reading such a kind comment. very much appreciated!!!
Verity : 23:54 February 16, 2017 Reply
Harden Nsw.... 2 hours from Griffith where I live. Anybody that says theres nothing in the country is totally wrong. When wev had rain its beautiful and when we havnt - if youv got a creative eye. Its even more. awesome photography. I hope one day I get the experience.