Jo & Scott – Horizon, Byron Bay

Jo and Scott got married at Horizon, an aptly named wedding venue on the top of the hills overlooking Byron Bay. There are few better views in the region: to the north and east the farm-patched hills tumble all the way to the sea. Thankfully on this day there wasn’t much wind, and the sun was veiled by grey clouds right up until the ceremony, when the wood deck was lit up as though on cue. In this sudden light the Magic Bus ejected all the guests, while Jo hovered at the windows of her suite, nervous with excitement.

Soon the guests assembled, and Scott took his place at the end of the plank, his back to the sea. And then Jo emerged on her father’s arm, smiling as only a bride can smile when she first sets off down the aisle to meet her new husband.

The rest of the day and night was given to laughter, dancing, speeches, good food and drink. It was a beautiful wedding, and I was honored to have been a part of it. Enjoy the sample photos!

(2nd shooter credit: Kheloud)